Clayton's Bobcat Services



My name is Clayton Pound and I'm a licensed C-12 contractor and artist.  C-12 is the trade designation for Earthwork! Operating mainly in Placer and Sacramento county.

Though I've been licensed for over 4 years don't let that fool you! Being 33, I have well over 10 years of experience and over 3500 operating hours and have worked at hundreds of jobs.  I got my start by working with my father's company AG-con INC digging footings with the Bobcat for commercial Greenhouses. Because of that experience and hands on training, I decided to branch out of the greenhouse business to help others with their property and land. Now I have my own business!

I pride myself in my work and overall professionalism in what I do. I always ensure my products are beyond expected, keeping an ethical viewpoint on work and exchange value. This never surpasses my clients and have always left a site feeling good about a job well done. Something all my customers would attest to. 

I enjoy working sculpting the earth and approach every job with competence and an aesthetic outlook.  I will help you with your residential or commercial projects that you've always dreamed of at an affordable price!  Why rent a Bobcat when you can have an experienced operator provide you with quality, affordable service.