Clayton's Bobcat Services





The trenching attachment is perfect for installing irrigation, electrical and drain lines.  It cuts into the earth up to 3 feet deep and as wide as 6 inches.  Big enough for utilities, drainage and much more.  The auger on the side of the attachment efficiently pushes the dirt to the side and allows room to work near the trench without dirt falling back in to it.

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The flat bucket is ideal for general grading, leveling flattening, preparing  concrete pads, backyards and fields for drainage, swales and other purposes.  It also carries a load of roughly 3/4 Sq yard of material. Combined with a transit I can get your grades exact! If you have tough, rocky dirt not to worry!  I also have a bucket with teeth as well!



Do you have a drainage problem? Water puddling or pooling on your property?  If so, this can be handled by digging swales and installing culverts. A culvert is a metal pipe usually installed under roads and on properties to avoid erosion. Whereas swales are a small dip or ditch where water is channeled away from structures to prevent flooding. 

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The auger attachment to the Bobcat is ideal for digging post holes, planting large trees, fences, large & small footings and much more.  I have a 6, 10, 12 and 18 inch auger and a 2 foot auger.  I also have a 3 foot extension and can reach depths of up to 9 feet!  Depending on your project and soil type, I can drill up to 200 holes a day.The auger works very fast and if high production is the name of the game this is what you want!

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The Rototiller attachment is ideal for breaking up old sod, weeds and crab grass so it can easily be hauled, piled or regraded.  It tills the dirt up to 6 inches ripping up the top soil and turns useless soil into reusable soil.  For front yards infested with weeds and hard soil this is the attachment that I will use.



At my disposal is a Dump trailer!  It measures 7 foot X 14 foot and is 18 inches deep it can hold loads up to 5000 LBS and can haul up to 4.5 Sq yards of dirt, sod, gravel etc. For construction waste I can haul 8 yards of material. The dump trailer makes quick work out of dump runs.  To load trash, bark, base rock and other material. I also have forks to easily load and move material.

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The backhoe attachment is ideal for digging foundations, utility lines and drainage ditches.  It can dig as deep as 7 feet and as wide as you'd like. I have a 1 foot bucket, a 18 inch bucket and a 2ft bucket. .